I’ve been a published author for over 30 years under my own name and several pen names.

My work ranges from poetry to essays and short stories, from art reviews to marketing and business how-to articles for artists. I also write about technology and sustainability issues.

Look for my articles (and accompanying photographs) featuring well-known art quilt collector Jack Walsh in Issues #2 and #3 of Art Quilt Collector, a brand new magazine from SAQA. My article on contemporary art quilt presentation is included in Art Quilt Collector Issue #5. You should subscribe so you don’t miss any of my upcoming articles!

In my free time, I help people live better lives by making knowledge accessible through my small publishing company; publishing informational websites, books, articles, and other products on a wide range of topics from technology to healthcare, business management to marketing, the arts to food and cooking.

Along with my non-fiction writing, I’m currently at work on a novel set in my beloved New Mexico.

October 21 © Cynthia Wenslow

(Random factoid: Autumn is STILL my favorite season.)