CAW on KAWI’m thrilled to share that multidisciplinary artist KathyAnne White asked me to be a featured artist in her new blog series on the working creative life of artists. KathyAnne will be teaching a new course in summer 2018: Create Authentic Art – Developing Your Artistic Story.

As part of her exploration of the topic, KathyAnne invited me to write a short piece about how I work and to include some illustrative artwork photos. The post will be shared in her newsletter this month and is now live on her website. Click over to learn more about my creative life.

You should definitely subscribe to KathyAnne’s email newsletter and blog, especially if you are a fellow artist or collector. KathyAnne is an amazing artist, whom I greatly admire. You will find her practice truly inspiring.

Maybe I’ll see you at KathyAnne’s course in Upstate NY next summer!

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